Saturday Psalm #119 (Pt. 6)


Wise and gracious God,
watch over me and envelop me in your care.
Ward off all evil and keep me safe.

Where are you? I look for your salvation,
watching until my eyes
wear out.

Wake me with your your love and
walk with me through each day.

Work your will in me.
With your Word, I can be wise.
With your help, I can be strong.
With your guidance, I can be effective.

What is gold to me? It is nothing,
while your Word is everything.

Work your will in me.


Papa, Abba, Father, your statutes are wonderful,
pointing my feet in the ways of righteousness.

Print your words on my heart;
please emblazon them on my mind.

Pour your Word into my mouth and let it flow from me like a river;
put me where I can tell of your marvelous works.

Please turn to me and have mercy on me;
Papa, you are always kind to those who love your name.

Purge me from sin and
purify my heart and life more and more each passing day.

Please free me from the need for man's approval.
Point your smiling face upon your servant.
Plow up the fallow ground of my heart.
Plant the seeds of righteousness in me.
Produce a bumper crop of holiness in me.


Creator God, you are awesome in all your ways;
command me and I will obey.

Create in me a heart that runs in the way of your commands,
clinging to your Word like a lover and a lifeline.

Craft me into a worthy vessel,
cleanse me and
change me.

Call, and I will answer.
Carve your words on my heart.
Channel my life wherever you choose.

Captain of my salvation, your righteousness is everlasting and your law is true.
Creator of all, your statutes are forever right;
close your wings around me and hide me there. Amen.

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