Saturday Psalm #130

Here I am, Lord, right here.
Can you hear me?
Are you listening?

Thank you, LORD, for not keeping
a record of my sins.
If you were keeping count,
I would be fried.

But you grant forgiveness,
full and free,
grace upon grace,
to me.

That is a work of wonder.
It's a miracle in itself.

So I wait for you, LORD;
my soul waits on you,
to act,
to work,
to speak,
to bless,
to move.
Rather than trying to do your work for you,
I put my hope in your promise to bless me,
and work in me what pleases you.

So I wait for you, LORD;
more than the night shift waits for quitting time.

Lord, let everyone I know and love
put their hope in you,
       for you never fail,
you never let us down,
you never renege on your commitments.

You WILL do all that you promise.
You will save.

(based on Psalm 130)

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