Saturday Psalm #132

Lord, remember me
and all my sufferings,
though small indeed compared to many.
I've made many promises to you.
I've vowed this and that over the years:
“I won't do it again,"
"I'll never go back,"
"I'll always remember
your mercy and grace to me."
Forgive my gold promises
and dross follow-throughs.

I still would dwell on your mountain, Lord,
and worship at the footstool of your throne.
Arise again in me, O Lord,
and fill me with your power.
Clothed me again in godliness;
inspire me again with songs of joy.
For the sake of your great Name,
do not reject me, your weakest of servants.
Your promises never fail;
you never take them back, as I do.
You have been so faithful to me
and to my descendants.
You have answered my prayers
generously and abundantly.
You have made my heart and my family
your home.

Bless me and mine and make us prosperous;
satisfy us in times of scarcity and times of abundance.
Clothe us all in godliness;
inspire us all with songs of joy.
Increase our influence
and make us a light to those around us,
Lord our God,
our great and glorious king.

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