My Psalm 10

Bob Hostetler

Lord, do you stand far off?
Why do you seem to hide yourself in troubled times?

You see the wicked: how they prey on the weak,
who are caught in scheme after scheme.
You see the wicked: how they boast about their ambitions,
as if greed were a virtue.
You see the wicked: how they treat you like their servant,
never thinking of you until it suits their purposes.
You see them, and yet they seem to be doing just fine;
they keep making money hand over fist,
things keep going their way,
and they’re having the times of their lives.
They curse and lie and threaten,
their tongues drip with evil.
They victimize good people,
and treat the poor and helpless with contempt.
They crush their victims,
and annihilate their competitors.
And they act as if you don’t even see what’s going on,
and sometimes it sure does look that way, Lord.
Arise, Lord! Take up weapons, O God.
Defend the helpless.
against those who revile you
and ignore you.
I know that you see people’s trouble and grief, Lord;
you consider it all carefully, and turn it around in your hand.
I know you’re attentive to victims,
the helper of the fatherless.
So do something! Show your strength against the wicked;
call them to account for their wickedness.

Adonai, you are King for ever and ever;
you have the power to banish the wicked.
Listen, Lord, to the cries of the afflicted;
encourage them, show them that you hear, that you care.
Rescue the victims of Hurricane Katrina,
and Hurricane Rita.
Defend those who are widowed or fatherless
because of bin Laden and al-Zarqawi.
Defend those who are preyed upon
by others who are more powerful,
more wealthy,
more callous,
that those who cause terror may terrify no more.

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