My Psalm 12

copyright Bob Hostetler

Help, Lord, for it so often seems that the godly are disappearing,
that there are so few faithful hearts among the children of men.
They lie and flatter,
and say one thing to my face and another behind my back.
Shut their flattering mouths, Lord,
and stop their tongues from speaking arrogantly.
Show them to be wrong who think their lies will advance them,
who believe they are beyond correction or condemnation.

Arise, Lord, on behalf of the poor;
hear the sighs of the needy.
Safely surround those who long for your deliverance.

Your words, Lord, are pure words:
they are like silver in a blazing furnace, perfectly pure.

So fulfill your Word, Adonai. Guard the humble; preserve the upright,
protect us all from this lying generation,
where the wicked walk on every side,
and the unfaithful are exalted.

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