Solomon Prayer

copyright Bob Hostetler

Lord, I sure could use some of that divine wisdom you gave Solomon.

I don't have the wisdom to lead this great people of yours. I am constantly and consistently being blindsided by my own incompetence or thoughtlessness as a leader, and others' needs and expectations. I am still coming up with new and imaginative ways to offend people, even those I love most. Some days it seems like the only safe way to relate to me, my work, and my calling is from a distance.

Wisdom, Lord, I plead for wisdom. Shoot, at my age, you'd think I'd have a lot more than I do. But I confess my lack, my inadequacy, my seemingly limitless deficiency, and ask you (for the sake of your name and your flock) to be wise in and through me, when I'm aware of it and when I'm not, in Jesus' name, amen.

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