My Psalm 14

Bob Hostetler

Father God, thank you that though I act foolishly often enough,
I know better than to say in my heart, “There is no God.”
Thank you for saving me from corruption, from works of evil;
though there is no one that does good, thank you that I possess the righteousness of Christ.
Lord, when you look down from heaven on this world full of people,
let your eyes light on me, even if there are no others seeking you,
even if everyone else has turned aside, and the whole stinkin’ world offends your purity, let me be found faithful.
Lord, let me be among the few who learn from their mistakes,
who treat others as precious children of God, and call upon you.
Save me from the misery of those who refuse to learn your ways,
and give me instead the heritage of the righteous.
Help me to shun the counsel of the poor,
and always make you my refuge.
Let my salvation arise daily like the sun over Zion!
Let me rejoice like a returning exile and be glad because of your many blessings, amen.

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