My Psalm 32

Bob Hostetler

How blessed I am, Lord, that my sins are forgiven,
my wrongs blotted out.
How blessed I am that you charge no sin to my account,
that I can be honest and exposed before you.
When I am not faithful in prayer to you, I can feel my frame weaken,
every day, all day, is just a groan;
day and night
I feel a heaviness,
and my heart shrivels up
like daylilies in a heat wave.

I acknowledge my waywardness to you;
I can’t hide the fact that I’ve neglected my prayer chair.
I admit, 'I confess
my sinful neglect to you.’
And you, gracious as always, forgive me
and wipe the slate clean.

That is why it is such a delight to pray to you
at all times of the day and night—
when the waters rise,
they will not overwhelm your faithful ones.
You are my refuge,
my sentinel,
my singer and my song.

Instruct me, Lord, and teach me the way to go;
let me not take my eyes off you.

Let me not be like a horse or a mule;
that resists the bridle and bit;
but let me submit readily and willingly
to the slightest gesture or movement of my Master.

The wicked endure countless troubles,
but your unfailing love surrounds me as I trust in you, moment by moment.

I rejoice in you, Yahweh,
I exult in you;
I shout for joy with an open and upright heart.

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