My Prayer at the Ohio Statehouse Yesterday

Great God and Father of all humanity,
God of great and small,
God of every tribe and tongue,
male and female,
Democrat and Republican,
hear our prayer.

Grant each man and woman here
The wisdom,
Communication skills,
And resources
To discharge their responsibilities
And serve the people of this great state.

Open our eyes
To injustice in government and in ourselves.

Save us from the stupidity of others
And save them from ours.

Heal our diseases and dysfunctions
So that we do not spread them among those we serve.

Lift our gaze FROM the things that divide us
And focus us ON the things that unite us.

Bring about progress
And purpose,
And accomplishment.

If we did not need your help,
We would not need to ask.
But we ask,
and I do so in Jesus' name, amen.

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