Naked Dance

I would dance before you, Lord,
like David before the ark.

I strip.
I disrobe.
I uncover.
That I may dance.

I want to hold on to nothing,
not to pride,
not to propriety,
not to safety
or sin
or self-regard.

I will celebrate.
I will become undignified.
I will be humiliated.

I will let go.
I will let loose.
And I will dance.

By your grace,
I dance.


Debbie Stacy said...

That was one of my favorite lessons I heard you do. When you spoke of dancing with God at a Salvation Army function, I was so blessed. Thanks Bob for being you.

Hoss said...

Thanks, Debbie! Those are good memories for me, too! And the only reason I keep being me is because no one else has applied for the job.