You See My Problem

So here's the problem, Lord:

If I could find a way to remember to thank you for all the things for which I should thank you, I would have time for nothing but to thank you, for your blessings, your kindnesses, your graces, your answers to prayer, are too numerous to speak. But they are too numerous not to speak.

You see my problem.

So, though I know it will be woefully inadequate, I offer to you my thanks:
for healing from that nagging neck pain,
for the ability to wake up this morning,
for a new book contract,
for the nourishment of this day,
for water to drink,
for coffee,
the love and respect of my wife,
the love and company of my children,
the love and proximity of my grandchildren,
the books I'm reading right now,
the books I've read before now,
the gas in my car's gas tank,
the heat in my home,
the words I wrote yesterday,
the words I will write today,
the friends I will hear from,
the furnishings in my home,
your Word, the Bible,
the music I will listen to,
the safety of my home and community,
the clothes I wear,
a hot shower,
legs that work,
eyes that work,

You see my problem.

It's not even a bare beginning.
But I thank you anyway for the grace to thank you,
and for the grace to know I can never exhaust the thanks
of which you are worthy.

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