My 2,000th Prayer

Lord, I don't know what I expected
when I started posting some of my prayers
on this blog in 2005.

But I'm sure I hadn't given a thought
to doing it two thousand times,
nor to doing it into 2012.

But it has been such a joy,
to spend these moments in your presence
and to share them with others...
to discover or remember the prayers
of Rossetti and Calvin,
of Baxter, Edwards, and Andrews,
Hildegarde and Francis,
of popes and kings,
and poets and prophets.

Thank you, Lord.
Thank you for prayer.
Thank you for meeting me here, so often and so regularly.
Thank you for the hope that these prayers--
some of them even mine!--
have been of some encouragement
to your flock.
I know they have to me.

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