That We May Not Bring Forth Wild Grapes

wild grapes

Grant, Almighty God, that as you train us up with so much diligence and assiduous care, and regard us as dear and precious like an hereditary vine--O, grant that we may not bring forth wild grapes, and that our fruit may not be bitter and unpleasant to you, but that we may strive to so form our whole life in obedience to your law, that all our actions and thoughts may be pleasant and sweet fruits to you. And as there is ever some sin mixed up with our works, even when we desire to serve you sincerely and from the heart, grant that all stains in our works may be so cleansed and washed away by the sacrifice of your Son, that they may be sweet-smelling sacrifices to you, through the same, even Christ Jesus, who has so reconciled us to you as to obtain pardon even for our works. Amen.

(a prayer of John Calvin, in his Commentary on Hosea, translated into English in 1846 and updated by me into modern English)


kl.kl.123 said...

This was a blessing...
Thanks for sharing

Hoss said...

Thank you for the comment. It is a wonderful prayer.