Nothing's Missing

Life. Check.
Breath. Check.
Awareness. Check.
Strength. Check.
Memory. Check.
Energy. Check.
Painless joints. Check.
Eyes to see. Check.
Ears to hear. Check.
Lips to kiss with. Check.
Tongue to taste with. Check.
Large motor skills. Check.
Fine motor skills. Check.
Amazing wife. Check.
Pride 'n' joy kids. Check.
Delightful grandkids. Check.
Friends. Check.
Roof over my head. Check.
A comfortable bed. Check.
Food in my belly. Check.
Food in the pantry. Check.
Health in my bones. Check.
A safe neighborhood. Check.
A car that runs. Check.
A toilet that flushes. Check.
Air-conditioning that works. Check.
Books to read. Check.
Clothes to wear. Check.
A God who loves me. Check.

Nothing's missing.

(Based on John Mayer's song, "Something's Missing")

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