Prayer for My Next Book

Abba, Father, Author of all good things,
my next book will be coming out soon.
But then, you already knew that.
In fact, you already know who will see it,
who will buy it,
who will read it,
who will recommend it to others.
Multiply that company, Lord.
Prepare each of those souls for the entrance of your Word.
Oversee the timing of the book's release and promotion with them in mind.

Inspire me with new and value-added ways to announce and promote the book.
Bless the efforts of influencers and early readers to spread the word.
Grant that reader enthusiasm and word-of-mouth may dwarf all other promotional efforts.
Create a groundswell of excitement.
Place it prominently on blogs and social media and best seller lists.
Make it an immediate and enduring blessing to tens--even hundreds--of thousands of souls.
Use its success to support my coming writing and ministry efforts, and to make possible greater and bolder efforts for its publisher in the future.

Let the words of my mind and the publication of my thoughts
be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer.

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