Fill Me with Joy

Gracious Heavenly Father,

No one takes my heartaches more seriously than you do. You know when my spirit feels crushed, and you are the one who lifts me up and rebuilds my hope. So as another work-week begins, I lift up my heartaches to you and seek the healing and refreshment only you can give.

But I also pray that you will fill me with joy, Lord. Make my heart happy and my face cheerful. I live in difficult times, and serving you is serious business, but please keep me from taking myself too seriously. Don’t let me become grim and humorless.

Fill my workplace with healthy laughter, positive relationships, and the joy of the Lord. Give me a sense of humor that’s keen and clean. Never let joy-stealing attitudes take root in my heart. Even amid the stress and strain of my daily work, let me be a cheerful giver and a cheerful servant.

I pray in the name of Jesus, who was “full of joy through the Holy Spirit” (Luke 10:21). Amen.

(from the upcoming book, Monday Morning Proverbs, by David Faust. Used with permission)

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