For Writing Tools

For fountain pens and India ink,
Legal pads and time to think,
Olivetti, Underwood, Selectric,
Typewriters both manual and electric,
Typing paper, carbon paper,
Correction ribbon and Liquid Paper,
Dictionaries and thesauri,
Keyboards, touchpads, countless styli,
Strunk and White and Zinsser, too,
Staples, tape, and Elmer's Glue,
Desktops, laptops, iPads, printers,
Modems, faxes, scanners, shredders,
Voice recording and dictation,
Chairs for work and relaxation,
Templates, shortcuts, tips and tricks,
Cross pens, Shaffers, Pilots, Bics,
For all the tools that have played their part,
Flow thanks from this poor writer's heart.

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