In So Many Words

Deal bountifully with your servant today that I may live and keep your word.

Be good to your servant, that I may live and obey your word.

Deal generously with Your servant so that I might live; then I will keep Your word.

Be kind to me so that I may live and hold on to your word.

Do good to your servant. I will live and I will obey your word.

Smile on me today; my very life--and certainly my faithfulness to your Word--depends entirely on your grace.


(based on Psalm 119:17 in the--respectively--NASB, NLT, HCSB, GWT, WEB, and personal paraphrase).


RETA said...

I absolutely LOVE Psalm 119!!! Perfect acrostic (Hebrew)! Thank you!


Hoss said...

Thanks so much for the comment. It is an amazing psalm...among many, of course, but still....