For a Grandchild Yet Unborn

Oh, my Lord, you know all things.
You know this child already.
You know whether he or she is a he or she.
And you know his or her need.

On this precious child
growing inside my precious daughter,
Lord, have mercy.

On this precious child,
whom you are forming as carefully and kindly as any child ever born,
Lord, show your favor.

On this child,
who existed only in your foreknowledge just months ago,
Lord, grant health.

Please let him or her be free,
totally free,
of the cystic fibrosis that presents a daily challenge
to big sister and big brother,
and to Mom and Dad, who care so well for them.

Please, Lord God, Abba, Father, Gentle Shepherd, Great Physician,
let this baby's birth and growth
relieve some of the burden
his or her parents carry,
in Jesus' name, amen.

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