Kingdom Come

May your kingdom come,
may your rule be in effect
in my home,
my children's homes,
my grandchildren's playgrounds,
in the streets of our city,
the places we work,
the schools we attend.

I know my weaknesses, limitations, and habits,
and I know how tiny my power of conscious choice is.
Therefore, I ask that,
by means beyond my knowledge and the scope of my will,
I be assisted to act within the flow of God’s action.

I also pray over the dark deeds of others in the world around us all.
I see how they are trapped in what they themselves often disown and despise.
And I pray about the structural or institutionalized evils that rule so much of the earth,
for you to break up these higher-level patterns of evil,
and help me and mine not to cooperate with them,
but to cast light on them and act effectively to remove them,
in Jesus' name, amen.

(based on words written by Dallas Willard in The Divine Conspiracy, p. 260; photo by granada_turnier via

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