Troubled Sphere

Lord, have mercy on this troubled sphere and its inhabitants, the work of your hands.

Thank you for the Syrian nuns who were released yesterday.
Deliver the thirty-three North Korean Christians who are scheduled for execution.
Have mercy on the loved ones of those who were on Flight 370, and please aid the search and rescue--please let any survivors be rescued.
Bring peace and healing to the people of Venezuela.
Bring peace and sanity to the people of Nigeria.
Bring peace and hope to the people of Ukraine.
Bring an end to Uganda's criminalization of homosexuality.
Bring release and return home to Pastor Saeed Abedini.
Bring fiscal sanity and responsibility to the governments of the world, including my own.
Restore respect for the Constitution and civil liberties to our nation's government.

All this I ask in the name of Jesus, Light of the World, amen.

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