I Surrender

When I think about what I was before
Only cared about what there was in store for me
Then You touched my life and opened my eyes
And woke me up inside
I was dead before You gave me a reason to live
And now I joyfully give my life
So use me, use me

I surrender my life to Your blood
I surrender my name for Your glory
I surrender my heart to Your will
I surrender my dreams to the plans You have for me
Thank You for showing me
the emptiness of all I held onto
I surrender it all
I surrender my everything for You

All my hopes, all my dreams
All You want me to be
I surrender it all to You
You can have my mistakes
All my plans, so well laid
I surrender it all to You
All the days I cannot see
All that's still ahead of me
I surrender it all to You
Take my stand on Your word
Of Your love I am assured
I surrender it all to You

(words & music by Phil Laeger © 2013 Weathered Music www.phillaeger.com)

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Cyn Rogalski said...

Amen Bob.