Let It Be Day

O Sovereign God, it is through your inconceivable greatness that we are able to call upon you: Lord, our God, our Creator, our Parent, our Savior. In that greatness you know and love us all, you desire to be known and loved by us all, you see and guide our paths, and we all may come before you and go out to be with you.

And now we pour out before you all our cares, that you may care for us; our hopes and wishes, that they may be granted not according to our will but according to your will; our sins, that you may forgive them; our thoughts and desires, that you may cleanse them; our whole life in these times, that you may bring us to the resurrection of all humanity and to eternal life. We remember before you all who are in this house, and also all the men and women in prison throughout the world. Be with the members of our families at home, with all who are poor, sick, hard beset, or sorrowing. Enlighten the thoughts and rule the actions of those who in our land and in all lands are responsible for law, order, and peace. Let it be day, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

(from Karl Barth's Prayer)

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