The Great Mystery and the Great Simplicity

May God's word become anew for us each day the word of God. May it not be a truth, a principle, something which one places on the table, but a living person, the great mystery and the great simplicity. And may the signs of this word of God, of this name of God, be made visible through us, in the midst of us, by the severity and serenity of our lives, of our customs, and of our ethics. We pray so that we may receive the power to show this great joy and this great peace of which we so often speak. May this joy and this peace be noticeable. We pray in order that the Christian arrogance and ignorance and unbelief with which we daily dishonor thee may be a bit arrested, a little suppressed.

May this key which has been put in our hands be turned every so slightly so that the door can one day be opened.

(from Karl Barth's Prayer)

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