A Prayer for Preparation

This is a prayer of preparation, because I want to be ready for whatever you have in store for me.

First, please prepare me to make wise decisions at a moment's notice. Help me to develop wisdom over time so that when a difficult situation comes, I will have accumulated the spiritual depth to know the right thing to do. May I be ready to act swiftly and decisively because I have a wellspring of wisdom to draw upon.

Second, please prepare me for temptation so that when I meet it face-to-face, I will recognize it and know how to combat it. Train me in quiet times so I will have the spiritual wisdom, strength and commitment to honor you in the face of intense desires and testing.

Third, please prepare me for worship by showing me how to get my heart right with you.

Fourth, please prepare me to explain my faith and why it is important. Teach me the great truths from your Word.

And finally, please prepare me to defend my faith. When attacks come, may I have already developed the skill to hear the Holy Spirit, who will help me speak with authority and courage. Please prepare me, Lord, so I can be all you want me to be for your service.

(an excerpt from the book, 365 Pocket Prayers, by Ron Beers)

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