Another Psalm 16

Shelter me, Lord God,
for you are my windbreak,
my storm cellar,
my bunker.

How many times have I said to you,
“You are my Master;
everything good in my life
has come from you.
There isn't anything
I haven't been given."

I want to live in that awareness,
like the saints who are my heroes.

Save me from the stupidity
of those who reject your goodness,
your grace.
Steer me clear of them.

You alone are my portion, my gift, my blessing.
You uphold me and mine.
You have put me where I am,
and it is a good place,
sweet surroundings.

I will bless you, Lord, for guiding me;
I will sing nightsongs to you from my heart.
I will keep my eyes on you.
I will stay in step with you.
I will be glad, and I will rejoice.
I will rest in your arms.
I will trust you to in the dark
and follow you through the valley.
For you are the way
your presence is life,
your favor is my joy.

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