Saturday Psalm #119 (Pt. 1)


Abba, I am always better off when I walk in your ways,
always better off to keep my eyes on you,
always better off to follow your instructions,
always better off to seek you with my whole heart;

Always better off to make your ways mine, than to foolishly try to make my ways yours!

Always better off to align my life with your Word and will,
always better off to keep my mind stayed on you;

Always better off to meditate on your Word, and stay faithful in prayer,
always better off praise you with my lips and follow you with my life.


Bless me Lord, and help me to keep my way pure,
by aligning my life with your word.
Be the object of my heart's desire,
be the end of my life's pursuit.

Bless me with the ability to remember your words, to
be guided by them and not by temptation.

Blessed are you, O LORD;
by your gracious Word I am molded.

Bring your words to my mind repeatedly throughout the day.
Bind them to my mind and heart and will like a phylactery.


Gracious God, be generous to your servant, and I will live;
give me favor and I will respond with gratitude.

Guide me by your wonderful Word, and
grant that I may hear your voice clearly and unmistakably.

Give me clear directions, and
go with me everywhere I go.

God, my soul is consumed with longing for you, I am
greedy for you, for your words.

Give the arrogant what they deserve;
grant me continued deliverance from them.
Grant your blessing to me and those I love, your
great reward in the faces of liars.

Gracious God, you delight me in every way;
guide and counsel me with your Word.

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