Saturday Psalm #119 (Pt. 4)


You made me, Lord God Adonai;
you created me.
You have given me grace upon grace. Now, please, will
you also give me the further blossoming of the fruit of the Spirit in my life?

You bring me joy, and
you have lately reawakened joy in my spirit, in your service; now let
your joy abound in my life, abound and abound.

Your word is my hope.
Your voice is my inspiration.
Your unfailing love is my comfort.
Your promises are my strength.

Your tender mercies--let them surround me so I may live.
Your instructions--let them be my passion.
Your people--they are my people.
Your desires--make them my desires, and I will never be ashamed.


King Jesus, I do get worn out,
but I have put my hope in your word.

King Eternal, I do sometimes lose patience
awaiting the fulfillment of all your promises,
looking for your vindication, your deliverance.

Keep me as the apple of your eye.
Keep me faithful to you in all I do and say.
Keep me refreshed in your Word, and
keep me kind to all, even to those who persecute me.


Lord, your eternal word stands firm in heaven.
Lover of my soul, your faithfulness extends to every generation,
and has never yet failed me.

Lord, you have been so faithful to accomplish your plans in me,
and I know you are still working on me, sometimes painfully,
until I reflect your likeness.

Lighten my steps today with the joy of the Lord.
Lift me up and let me stand on your Word.
Let my mind be constantly trained by your gracious precepts.

Limitless is your perfection, and your enduring
love for me, the
lowliest of your servants, my
Lord, my God.

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