My Psalm 138

I praise you, O LORD, with everything in me.
May I embarrass the angels with the ardor of my praise.

I bow, Lord.
I kneel with your people
in your house,
to honor your name
and tell of your love and your faithfulness,
to exalted your name and your word.

I call, you answer.
I grow weary, and you pour out strength.

Your words are worthy to be praised,
your ways are worthy to be followed.
Your glory is great.

High as you are,
ineffable and indescribable,
you look upon the lowly,
and the proud you recognize a mile away.

Whatever trouble my Enemy may send,
you preserve my life;
you strike my foes,
and lift me up with your right hand.

I know you will fulfill your purpose for me;
I am the work of your hands;
you will not abandon me.
There is nowhere I can go
where your love will not reach me.

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