Thanks for the Internet

Lord, thank you for the internet.
Thank you that in this world
where parochialism
and selfishness
and other obstacles
prevent cooperation
and progress in so many ways,
a few brilliant, visionary minds
conceived the idea of the internet.

Thank you for the abilities
and gifts
and forward-thinking
of those minds you created.

Thank you for the research it enables me to do,
the communication I'm able to accomplish,
the entertainment it brings me,
the work it helps me get done,
the time it saves me,
the information it finds,
the coupons and discounts it provides,
the convenience,
the ability to keep up with friends a world away,
the blessing of renewing old friendships,
and so much more.

Ancient of Days,
God who is, who was, and is to come,
thank you.


1 comment:

Lucy said...

And we're so thankful that you're on the internet with so much inspiration! God bless you richly this day! :)