Keep Them Close

Lord, you know what is on my heart today.
You know who.

You know the news my son will hear
and the decision he and his wife may face.

Grant them wisdom, Lord.
Make the dreams you have given them
come true, by your lovingkindness to them,
in your gracious timing,
according to your will.

You know I want to pray to keep them close--
to me,
and to my wife.
But we will let them go if you choose,
and if they do.
But keep them close--
to you,
whatever else may happen,
in Jesus' name, amen.


Apologete1 said...

Bob, I join you in your prayers for your son and his family. I know what its like, as I'm 8 hrs. from my parents, and moving to a new location in the Lord's will, but still 6 hrs. away. Grace to you.


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