Precious Father, thank you for the act of restoration. It is so amazing to know that when we are broken and wounded, you can put us back together. You can restore that which was lost and we can be found. You can restore our hurts and and we can be whole. You are the one who can enable us to forgive. To show mercy. To bestow grace. You are the restorer of all things and for that we give you praise.

For anyone that is hurting at this time, I ask that you reach out your restorative Hands and pour out a healing balm to their souls. Soothe their spirits. Calm their nerves. Bind up the weary and broken pieces and grant them renewal in a mighty way. Revive them. Restore them. Do a powerful work in their lives that only you can do. We give you all glory and honor and praise that is so due your name. In the mighty, powerful, saving name of Jesus Christ, amen.

(from the highly recommended Daily Prayer blog)

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