Prayer for a Repentant Heart

Lord, please give me
a thoroughly repentant heart;
let tears flow down my cheeks,
let me weep unceasingly,
without relief (Jeremiah 3:49),
whenever I depart from
your good, perfect, and pleasing will (Romans 12:2).
Make me hyper-sensitive
to sin in my heart and life,
and uncompromising in my daily task
in partnering with the Holy Spirit,
my comforter and guide,
in rooting it out,
in Jesus' name,


Bianchii said...

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Steve said...

These are all very heart felt prayers - very nice! I have a prayers site I would like to to check out - Basically, they are humerous prayers you can send out to others. There are not may funny prayers yet, but I will be adding many more in the weeks to come. Thanks!