Save Me From Success

Father, save me from success.
From wealth. Awards. Fame. Status.
Save me from a mindset that measures my worth by this world’s standards.
Save me from becoming enamored with my own words, ideas or ingenuity.
Save me from overreaching,
from outrunning your pace,
and your providential plans for me.
Save me from trusting in myself,
from becoming smug or self-satisfied,
from unhealthy expectations and harmful comforts.

Let nothing come too easily
or more quickly to me
than your wisdom dictates.

Save my writing from becoming pedestrian,
my habits from becoming staid,
my prayers from going stale,
and my life from being predictable.

As you have done so far
please do for the rest of my journey:
Let me work hard for every achievement
and acknowledge you in every blessing,
in Jesus' name, amen.

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James Watkins said...

Thanks, Bob! I needed that. (