I write today, Lord.
I will be using words,
and some of them will be verbs.

Inspire them all, God,
but especially the verbs.
Hover over them.
Speak them into existence.
Breathe into them the breath of life.

All my verbs come from you.
You are my “is.”
My “am.”
My “see,” my “know.”
You are my “laugh” and “cry,”
my “wake” and “sleep,”
“shiver” and “sweat,”
“think” and “speak,”
“jump” and “skip” and “dance” and “bounce.”

There is not an action in my day,
a movement of my bones,
a breath in my breast
or a word on my tongue
that does not come from you.

Let it be consciously so in my writing today.
And at the end of my day, with the final word on the page,
pronounce it good, in Jesus’ name, amen.


Marylane Wade Koch said...

Every day since I subscribed to your blog I tell myself,"I think this is the best one yet." Then another comes to my inbox the next day and I do it all again. This is wonderful, Bob. Thanks for much for your blog and your writing.

Hoss said...

Wow, Marylane, coming from you that's high praise indeed! Thanks so much.