Thanks for Little Things that Make a Big Difference

Thank you, God,
for the little things
that make such a big
difference in my life:
a few temperatures cooler,
the microscopic enzymes that help me digest food,
the salt that seasons a meal,
a morning kiss from my bride,
a smile from a grandchild,
the respect of my kids,
a well-turned phrase in a book,
a non-stuffy nose,
a few drops of rain,
found money in a pants pocket,
a light that turns green just in time,
an extra ten minutes of sleep,
a "thank you,"
a thoughtful note or text message,
the ability to inhale fully,
walking barefoot in the grass.


Anonymous said...

Amen Bob!..and Amen for the big things we think are little. :)

God has been reminding me lot lately to be thankful for these little things that we so often do not think twice about and/or just take for granted.

I actually was just thinking about writing a post on this last night.

Thank you Lord and forgive me for not being grateful enough for the little things.:)

Marie said...

Great post, Bob. Its beautiful- all the little things. They build up against each other and create one huge thing- an expression of love from God.
My favorites from your list were:
'a well-turned phrase in a book'
'a light that turns green just in time'
and 'walking barefoot in the grass'

Marylane Wade Koch said...

As the temp dropped this morning to 72, and only expected to be a high of 93 today, I thank God for a "... a few temperatures cooler.." I will think about the little blessings we are given all day today- because of your prayer.

Thanks, Bob. Look forward to meeting you at the Memphis area ACW workshop in March.

Maylane Wade Koch
Write Life Workshops

Hoss said...

Thank you, all! Great comments.