Luke 17:5 Prayer

Lord, as your apostles asked, I ask: increase my faith.
Is it a mustard seed yet?

I haven't moved any mulberry trees,
let alone a mountain.
But my small faith has moved me.
It has driven me over and over again into your arms,
into utter, helpless dependence on you.
Is that a mustard seed yet?

My small faith is rooted firmly in the soil of your sufficiency.
I know my inadequacy.
I am thoroughly convinced of my helplessness.
I know apart from you I can do nothing,
but abiding in you, I can do all things.

So increase my faith, please.
I tremble even as I ask it, because I know
that you most often increase my faith through testing and trial.
But let it be.
Increase my faith, until by your grace I make mulberry trees quake, in Jesus' name, amen.

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