Preaching and Preachers

Living Word,
thank you for the preaching
and the preachers
that have fed and sustained my soul:
Peter Marshall,
Tom Skinner,
John R. W. Stott,
Festo Kivengere,
Billy Graham,
Elisabeth Eliot,
Leonard Ravenhill,
Tom Hermiz,
Charles Swindoll,
Rob Bell,
Erwin McManus,
T. D. Jakes,
Haddon Robinson,
Tommy Nelson,
Fred Craddock,
E. V. Hill,
Brennan Manning,
R. C. Sproul,
Ravi Zacharias,
Francis Chan,
Efrem Smith,
Mark Batterson,
and many, many others,
less famous,
such as Andy Miller
and Charles Killian
and Cliff Sipley
and Bill Francis
and Damon Rader
and Israel Gaither
and Gene Pigford
and my brother Don
and Liz Curtis Higgs
and Virelle Kidder
and Matt Kelty
and John Johnson
and many, many others too numerous to mention.
You have taught me so much
by the diligent work
of your faithful servants,
and I thank you,
in Jesus' name, amen.

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