Make Me Your Garden

Lord God, I cry out to you from my heart: Remove my sin, receive me again, and I will fulfill all my heartfelt promises of the past. I will not look to others to save me. I will not trust in myself. I will not exalt the work of my hands to the place of an idol. You show mercy to the bereft; show mercy to me.

Heal my wickedness, thoroughly and finally. Lavish your love on me. Come to me like the dew on the grass. Make me your garden. Let me send down roots like the trees of Lebanon. Let me grow like aspens on the hillside. Cause me to thrive like a beautiful olive tree, and spread my fragrance like a grove of cedars, that many will be blessed by me, and that my fruit and influence may spread far and wide.

You, Lord, are my one-and-only. You are the one who fulfills my desires. I want for nothing, in Jesus’ name, amen.

(based on Hosea 14:1-8)

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