That Our Hearts May Be So Softened

Grant, Almighty God, that as we set up against you so many obstacles through the depravity of our flesh and natural disposition, that we seem to be designedly striving to close up the door against your goodness and paternal favor--O, grant that our hearts may be so softened by your Spirit, and the hardness which has hitherto prevailed may be so corrected, that we may submit ourselves to you with genuine docility, especially as you so kindly and tenderly invite us to yourself, that being allured by your sweet invitation, we may run, and so run as not to be weary in our course, until Christ shall at length bring us together to you, and, at the same time, lead us to you for that eternal life, which he has obtained for us by his own blood. Amen.

(a prayer of John Calvin, in his Commentary on Hosea, translated into English in 1846 and updated by me into modern English)

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