Need You

Good God, my Father,
I will need you today.
I always need you, in all I do,
but I confess I am not always aware of it.
But I am keenly aware of it today.
I need your energy and inspiration as I write.
I need your focus and clarity,
your moment-by-moment deliverance from distraction.
I need your encouragement and empowerment.
I need, most of all, the sweet fragrance of your presence, the constant assurance of your favor, and the realization of your creativity and love and truth flowing through me, to the glory of your name and the blessing of my readers.

Please grant that I may reach the end of this writing day in awed gratitude for your presence in my life, and your provision in my work, in Jesus' name, amen.

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Joan C. Webb said...

Ah, yes!