For Iraq's People

Sovereign Lord, I pray for the people of Iraq, so many of whom have suffered so much for so long, and are suffering now...again...still...

Please shield and shelter the innocent, and bring brutalizers and oppressors to justice. Please get our embassy personnel and American contractors out to safety. Deliver the church, along with all those who don't even know to call on you, in Jesus name, amen.

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Hoss said...

From a friend's friend:
I am asking for prayer for my son John who is guarding the American Embassy in Iraq.

There are still Americans over there trying to help the Iraqi people. John said that many of the people are good family people that were born in that situation, but need Jesus. Some have become his friends. God blessed us to be born in America, but after hearing the president today I am feeling much pain and sorrow. Pray they will at least send someone to help our Americans out of there. There are some missionaries there too. So sad for the families of the men and women that died to help that country. I would appreciate everyone to pray for my son John, his co-workers guarding our American Embassy, medical staff, all Embassy staff, and the Iraqi people fighting for their lives. If you are on another prayer list would you please pass this request on. Thank you so much!
In Christian Love,
Barbara H.