Keep Us From Safe Lives

At the end of the day, Lord--
Cause us to see how You moved today.
Set everything inside of us at peace now.
We trust You're doing what's best--
when we can't see Your hand,
we'll trust Your heart.
Keep us alive with what we need
& let us give away the rest
because this is what makes us *fully alive.*
Keep us in close company with You
& keep us in forgiving company of others
because we *are* in close company with You.
Keep us bold enough to keep taking leaps of faith.
Keep us from safe lives--
they are the most dangerous to our souls.
You're in control & we take our hands off our lives!
And as the world spins in Your hands tonight,
we look up at stars & know you're always all our Beautiful Light--
Yes. Yes. Yes.
In the name of Jesus, who loved us to death,

(a prayer of Ann Voskamp, author of One Thousand Gifts; photo by njck via

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