Prayer for A New Book

Lord, I thank you for the release of this book, The Red Letter Prayer Life. I thank you for the way you to spoke to me as I wrote it, and nourished and changed me as you did.

Now, Lord, I pray: please bless it. Please bring it to people's attention. Please get it into the hands of people who will read it, tweet it, share it, tell others about it, and give it away. Please prompt insightful and influential people to see it, review it, and mention it on television and radio programs. Please move groups and churches to study it, and preachers to quote from it and even fashion sermon series after it. Make it an award-winner. Make it a sales leader. Make it a life-changer.

Yes, Lord, most of all, I pray, please use it to inspire simple, practical, and purposeful living, as the subtitle says. Please use it to change lives, to deepen people's experience of you and your words, to bring about revival in the hearts, minds, and souls of people around the world. Use it, even, to change the world, to change churches, pastors, leaders, governments, communities, cities, and nations, in Jesus' name, amen.

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