Gracious God,
thank you that our vacation is finally here!
Thank you for a week to spend with my wife
and some of my family.
Give us all safe travel to and from our destination.
Steer us away from dangers, traffic jams, and speeding tickets.
Deliver us from car problems and health problems.
Give the grandkids grace to travel well, sleep well, travel well.
Protect them from infections.
Give their parents a respite from work and weariness.
May gas, grocery, and restaurant prices not be too high,
crowds not be too large,
temperatures not too extreme,
and rain not too frequent.
Help us all to enjoy each other,
the lovely surroundings,
and the time to read, rest, and play.
Go with us.
Keep us aware of you,
and of your kindness and generosity,
in Jesus' name, amen. 
(photo by Grafixar, courtesy of

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Willa said...

Have a wonderful vacation