The Gift of Their Sacrifice

In the quiet sanctuaries of our own hearts, 
let each of us name and call on 
the One whose power over us
is great and gentle, 
firm and forgiving, 
holy and healing…

You who created us, 
who sustain us,
who call us to live in peace,
hear our prayer this day.

Hear our prayer for all who have died,
whose hearts and hopes are known to you alone…

Hear our prayer for those who put the welfare of others
ahead of their own
and give us hearts as generous as theirs…

Hear our prayer for those who gave their lives
in the service of others,
and accept the gift of their sacrifice…

Help us to shape and make a world
where we will lay down the arms of war
and turn our swords into ploughshares
for a harvest of justice and peace…

Comfort those who grieve the loss of their loved ones
and let your healing be the hope in our hearts...

Hear our prayer this day
and in your mercy answer us
in the name of all that is holy.


(from the Concord Pastor blog)

Idle Sticks

God, I pray, 
light these idle sticks of my life 
and may I burn for you.

Consume my life, my God, 
for it is yours.

I seek not a long life, 
but a full one, like you, Lord Jesus.

(a slightly updated prayer by Jim Elliot; photo by Luke Porter via

The Quintessence is Small

Lord, how I am all ague, when I seek 
What I have treasur'd in my memory! 
Since, if my soul make even with the week, 
Each seventh note by right is due to thee. 
I find there quarries of pil'd vanities, 
But shreds of holiness, that dare not venture 
To show their face, since cross to thy decrees: 
There the circumference earth is, heav'n the centre. 
In so much dregs the quintessence is small: 
The spirit and good extract of my heart 
Comes to about the many hundredth part. 
Yet Lord restore thine image, hear my call: 
And though my hard heart scarce to thee can groan, 
Remember that thou once didst write in stone. 

(by George Herbert; photo by Levi Meir Clancy via

A Prayer of St. Francis de Sales


In You Alone

God of goodness,
give me yourself.
For you are sufficient for me.

If I were to ask for anything less
I should always be in want,
for in you alone do I have all.

(a prayer by Julian of Norwich;
photo of Julian by celesteh via

Lowest Depths

grant that I may rest
in your goodness,
knowing that
that goodness
can reach down
to my lowest depths
of need.

(based on a quote by Julian of Norwich)

Rouse Our Inattention

Grant, Almighty God, that, since you have hitherto so kindly invited us to yourself, and daily invite us, and often interpose your threatening to rouse our inattention, and since we have been inattentive to your reproofs, as well as to your paternal kindness--O, grant that we may not, to the last, proceed in our wickedness, and thus provoke the vengeance you denounce on men past recovery; but that we may anticipate your wrath by true repentance, and be humbled under your hand, that you may receive us into favor, and nourish us in your paternal bosom, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

(a prayer of John Calvin, in his Commentary on Hosea, updated by me into modern English; photo by waldemarbrandt67w via