For Baseball

Thank you, God, for baseball:
for outfields of green
and the crack of the ball on a wooden bat.
For pitchers with eccentric windups,
for stolen bases
and diving catches.
For double plays
and double steals,
bunts and brushbacks,
squeeze plays and home runs.
For "cold beer here!" and ballpark franks.
For the seventh inning stretch.
For day games and night games.
For OBPs and ERAs,
pickoff plays and headfirst slides,
for opening days and hope springing eternal.

My Soul Waits

My soul waits on you, Lord. I wait on you, as a servant waits to be called, as a dog looks to the master. I wait on you, to hear your voice, to be guided by your will even in what I pray, to follow in step with you. Please guide my praying, my thinking, my sleeping, my waking, my planning, my writing, my speaking, my reading, my eating and drinking, and direct me in all I do to the fulfilling of your purpose, for you are all and in all, in Jesus' name, amen.

(photo by Ulysse Pointcheval via

Sighs Too Deep

Holy Spirit, thank you that
when my heart is overwhelmed, 
when I have no words, 
you intercede on my behalf with sighs too deep for words.

(photo by Noah Silliman, via


Adonai, I praise you and thank you
that the Son has set me free;
I am free indeed.

I am free to laugh,
free to dance,
free to sing,
free to follow you,
free to walk in the light,
free to say no,
free to say yes,
free to go,
free to stay,
free to say "I'm sorry," 
free to say "I love you,"
free to forgive,
free to trust,
free to work,
free to rest,
free to relax,
free indeed.

Thank you, in Jesus' name, amen.

(photo by Sammie Chaffin via

Full Well