The Great Parade of Livestock and of Life

For meat to eat, we thank thee. 

For tasseled corn and purple grapes, for bluegrass green again and pullets laying, for mellow hides and silken hair, for our proper place in the great parade of livestock and of life, we praise thee. 

Beloved Ringmaster, planets and protons alike march in array at thy gentle command. 

May we, thy children, walk humbly, our hand in thine, do justly, love mercy evermore, our Father. 

(excerpt from the book, The Farmer Gives Thanks; photo via

In the Autumn

Good and generous Lord, You have once more brought the year full circle, through planting and growing and ripening to harvest time, and autumn.

We thank You for the sun and the wind, the rain and the dew, the minerals of the earth and all the plants that grow and all the beasts and birds of farm and field. We marvel at Your wonderful ways of bringing food from the earth for man’s good.

Dear God, help us to use Your rich gifts as You want us to. Teach us to share them with our neighbor when he is in need. Make us see, in the marvelous succession of seasons, and in the growth and ripening of our crops, the merciful, generous hand of Your divine providence.

Help us to realize, too, that if we keep Your commandments and live according to the inspirations of Your grace, we shall also reap a plentiful harvest in the autumn of our lifetime: a harvest that we will be able to enjoy for ever and ever, where no rust can destroy, nor blight spoil any least part of it. Amen.

(from the National Catholic Rural Life Conference; photo by jbom411 via

Take Root


So Blessed

Lord God,
thank you
that neither my children 
nor my grandchildren 
have yet known
the horrors of war, 
the deprivation of poverty, 
or the ache of true hunger, 
in Jesus' name, 

The Door of My Heart

O God, make the door of my heart 
wide enough to receive 
all who need human love and fellowship; 
narrow enough to shut out 
all envy, pride, and strife. 

(adapted from a prayer at St. Stephen's Walbrook in London)