God, please make my children
and grandchildren

A Prayer Suggested by Walter Brueggemann

Forgive us, Lord,
for too much wanting the world on our own terms.

(Second line appears in Walter Brueggemann, from his book, Prayers for a Privileged People, "On Peace and War")

Txt Praise

A Prayer by John Ellerton, Revised

This is my day of rest:
My failing strength renew;
On weary brain and troubled breast
Pour out your freshening dew.

This is a day of peace:
With peace my spirit fill;
Command the blasts of discord cease,
The waves of strife be still.

This is the day of prayer:
Let earth to heaven draw near;
Lift up my heart to seek you there,
Come down to meet me here.


Sarychev Volcano Praise

Abba, Father,
Almighty God,
I praise you for your power,
displayed in Creation.

I praise you for the awesome sight
of the photos taken
from the International Space Station
of the Sarychev Peak volcano's eruption.

The mountains quake before you,
and the hills melt away.
The earth trembles at your presence,
the world and all who live in it (Nahum 1:5).

Eyebrow Prayer

Thank you, God, for thinking of eyebrows;
thank you for your clever planning
that keeps the sweat from rolling down my forehead
into my eyes.

A Prayer of Kari Jobe

The more i seek you,
the more i find you;
The more i find you,
the more I love you.

I want to sit at your feet,
Drink from the cup in your hand,
Lie back against you and breathe,
Hear your heart beat...
This love is so deep,
It's more than I can stand.
I melt in your peace,
It's overwhelming.

The Pharisee's Prayer, Revised

God, I thank you that other men are not like me.
Thank you for so many
who show forth your righteousness
much better than I....
even as I ask you to make me more like them,
as they are more like you.

Summer Prayer

Abba, I praise you,
for hot and humid summer days,
for the fireworks of thunderstorms,
for watermelon sweetness,
for grass,
for all your beauty, power, kindness and sweetness
displayed in summer,
in Jesus' name, amen.

A Prayer of Thomas Cranmer

LORD, we beseech thee,
grant thy people grace
to avoid the infections of the devil,
and with pure heart and mind
to follow thee, the only God,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

(1637 Scottish Book of Common Prayer; HT The Prayer Watch)

To Our Gardener God

Lord, I pray for your people Cobblestone:

Gardener God, landscape us with the Word,
making a salvation-garden of our lives.

(Based on James 1:21, The Message)

Prayer to Begin the Workday

(From a hymn by Charles Wesley)

Summoned my labor to renew,
And glad to act my part,
Lord, in Thy name my work I do,
And with a single heart.

End of my every action Thou,
In all things Thee I see;
Accept my offered labor now.
I do it unto Thee.

Prayer for Iran

Lord God, the Almighty Father, Son and Holy Spirit, please be merciful to the people of Iran. Break the bonds of the oppressed. Save the people there from the brutality of their leaders, and let the eyes and prayers and actions of the world's leaders be focused on the hopes and aspirations of that nation's longsuffering people. Let freedom arise. Let justice flow like a river, righteousness like a constant stream through the streets of Iran, through the halls of the government. Grant your mercy and grace to the Iranian people. Strengthen and protect your church in Iran and open the hearts of the people to discover the freedom, beauty, justice, mercy, and grace that is in Jesus Christ, who only is Lord and Savior, in whose name I pray, Amen.

Kutless Prayer

When I wander through the desert,
And I'm longing for my home,
All my dreams have gone astray...
When I'm stranded in the valley
And I'm tired and all alone,
It seems like I've lost my way,

I go running to your mountain
Where your mercy sets me free.

You are my strong tower,
Shelter over me,
Beautiful and mighty,
Everlasting King.
You are my strong tower,
Fortress when I'm weak,
Your name is true and holy,
And Your face is all I seek.

In the middle of my darkness,
In the midst of all my fear,
You're my refuge and my hope;
When the storm of life is raging,
And the thunder's all I hear,
You speak softly to my soul.

Nothing's Missing

(Based on John Mayer's song, "Something's Missing")

Friends. Check.
Money. Check.
Well-slept. Check.
Amazing wife. Check.
Pride 'n' joy kids. Check.
Delightful grandkids. Check.
A grandchild on the way. Check.
Roof over my head. Check.
Food in my belly. Check.
Health in my bones. Check.
A safe neighborhood. Check.
A car that runs. Check.
A toilet that flushes. Check.
Books to read. Check.
Clothes to wear. Check.
A God who loves me. Check.
A church that tolerates me. Check.

Nothing's missing.

My Psalm 89

I will sing of your great love forever, LORD;
I will not shy from talking about your faithfulness.
I will testify to your firm, steadfast love,
and your utter faithfulness to me and mine.
You make a covenant; you keep it.

Let your faithfulness show up among your people
as your wonders sparkle in the night sky, O LORD.
Let your incomparable glory shine like the stars,
your sufficiency like the light of the day.

Teach me to court your favor, Lord,
and no one else’s.
O LORD God Almighty, who is like you?
You are mighty, O LORD, and your faithfulness surrounds you.
Roll over me like the mighty waves of the surging sea;
scatter our enemies like the Canaanites before Joshua,
and the Philistines before David.

Heaven and earth are yours alike;
all the plenty of this world came from you and belongs to you.
You created the north and the south;
the highest heights sing for joy at your name.
Your arm is mighty in strength;
your hand is strong, your right hand exalted.
Your sovereign rule is characterized by righteousness and justice,
all your wonderful acts show your love and faithfulness.

I am so blessed, Lord, to be among those who have learned to praise you,
who walk in the light of your presence.
I am so grateful for the privilege of rejoicing with your people,
and exulting in the midst of the great assembly.
You are my glory and strength, and no one else.
Your favor you is my foremost desire.
You are my shield,
and I belong to you, the Holy One of Israel.
You give me the strength of a warrior;
you keep me young in my spirit.
Your hand sustains me;
your arm strengthens me.
Your deliver me from my enemy,
and save me from oppression.
Crush my foe, Lord God;
strike down my adversary.
Focus my sight on your faithful love for me,
and raise or lower me as you wish.
You are my Father, my God, my Rock, my Savior.
Your promises will never fail.
Your presence will never leave me.
Correct me in your kindness and wisdom,
but let me and mine follow your ways forever.

You have broken me;
you have seemed hard to reach at times.
But your sternest discipline
is sweeter than the favor of men.
Remember how fleeting is my life,
and teach me to make the most of your great gifts to me
in whatever time I have left.

I praise you, LORD;
I will praise you forever! Amen and Amen.

On My Grandson's Second Birthday

Lord God, he's two today!
Thank you for my grandson!
Thank you for these past two years!
Thank you for the years to come.

Abba, Father, grant him health and happiness.
Give him blessing and joy all his days.
Show him your favor.
Accomplish your good, perfect, and pleasing will for his life.
Protect his health.
Preserve his good manners.
Let your unfailing love rest upon him.
Teach him to pray.
Teach him to worship.
Teach him to love.
Teach him your ways.
Teach him to honor you.

Let salvation spring up in him,
and let him grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.
Let integrity and honesty be his virtue and his protection.
Teach him self-control.
Develop within him a love for your Word.
Teach him to do justly, and love mercy.
Teach him the proper respect for others.
Grant him a strong self-esteem,
rooted in the realization that he is your workmanship.
Give him a faithful heart.
Grow him up to be strong and courageous.
Keep his heart pure.
Preserve his kind spirit.
Continue to make him generous.
Grant him a spirit of peace, and joy.
Teach him to persevere in all he does,
and especially in righteousness.
Keep him humble.
Teach him compassion.
Teach him responsibility.
Teach him contentment.

Let sincere faith take root in his heart.
Give him a servant's heart.
Let his life overflow with hope.
Teach him to work hard.
Instill in him a passion for God.
Teach him self-discipline.
Give him a grateful spirit,
and teach him to trust in you and follow you
all the days of his life.

Bless him and keep him.
Make your face shine upon him
and be gracious to him.
Smile on him,
and give him peace,
in Jesus' name, amen.

Listening Prayer

Okay, Lord, I am hearing you.
I will obey.
Thank you.


Abba, Father,
I praise and thank you today
for the gift of my grandchild,
growing in my daughter's womb.

Thank you for the miracle
of human gestation,
for your careful attention
to the formation of his (or her)
organs and limbs
and body and mind.

Thank you for the blessing
of knowing that
you already know her (or him)!

Thank you for Calleigh's (or Cayden's) parents,
for bringing them together,
for forming a family
already ready
to receive this priceless life.

Thank you, my Father,
for the grandchild we await.

Bearers of the Word

You we name as Lord, Sovereign, King.
You we confess governor over nations, empires, and kingdoms.
You in your holiness remain hidden,
evoking our extravagant doxologies.

Your rule draws close and visible
among us
when we see new possibilities break out,
or watch the rise and fall
beyond explanation.

Your rule draws close when you
dispatch prophets, messengers, and angels,
who dare say,
"Thus saith the Lord."

You dispatch your sovereign word through
human utterers. . .
preachers, poets, artists,
various freakish dissenters
and dreamers.

We thank you for your word of governance;
we do not want to be addressed
by dreams, breaks, or possibilities.
We most certainly do not want to be
bearers of such
dreams, breaks, or possibilities,
because we are mostly agents of
steady equilibrium.

Nonetheless, we dare yearn for your
word and occasionally utter it.
We thank you that we do not live
in a world unaddressed.
We thank you that you are not a God unuttered.

So we pledge, as we are able,
to listen and to speak,
being available for your word
that is full of grace and truth.

(a prayer by Walter Brueggemann, from his book, Prayers for a Privileged People)

A Prayer of Michelangelo

Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish.

That I May Rest in the Goodness of God

Abba, grant that I may rest in the goodness of God,
knowing that that goodness can reach down
to my lowest depths of need.

(based on a quote by Julian of Norwich)

A Prayer of St. Ambrose of Milan, Slightly Revised

Once more the sun is beaming bright,
Once more to you I pray,
That your eternal light may guide
And cheer my soul today.

In This Hour of Free-Fall

In this hour of free-fall,
be your good self again,
meet us not according to our flaw
but according to your generous self-giving:

Be our Christmas,
and start the world again;

Be our Easter,
and draw us from death to new life;

Be our Pentecost,
and breathe on us to begin again;

Be your full, generous self toward us;
we will begin again in obedience,
and as we can obey,
we will begin again
in wonder, love, and joy.

(Excerpt from a prayer by Walter Brueggemann, from his book, Prayers for a Privileged People)