For Our Current and Future Financial Needs

Lord, help us to trust you completely with our current and future financial needs. We have tried to be good and responsible stewards of everything you have given us, and you have blessed our lives in so many ways. Help us not cling to money or material possessions but to hold our hands wide open to you as we acknowledge you as the giver of everything. We love you, and we trust you. Give us the continued grace to honor you by giving you our moments of fear. 

(a prayer of Michele Howe, from her book, Strength for All Seasons: A Prayer Devotional; photo illustration by icame via

As the Deer Longs

English translation: "As the deer longs for running water, so longs my soul for you, O God" (Psalm 42:1). 

At Minimum

by your great mercy,
by your wonder-working power,
let me not
disappoint you,
frustrate my loved ones,
embarrass the angels,
or vindicate those who expect the worst from me,
in anything I do today,
in Jesus' name,

On Level Ground


As Flowers Blossom

We give you everlasting thanks, O God,
For the marvels of your great creation.

As the flowers blossom and bloom around us
We lift our hearts in joy and celebration.

(by Joyce Blakney Duerr, in Graces, by June Cotner, 1994, Harper San Francisco; photo taken by Bob Hostetler at the Abbey of Gethsemani) 

As for Me

As for me, I trust in you, Lord.

As for me, I will listen to your voice.

As for me, I will bow down to you.

As for me, I will believe you are looking out for me 
and taking care of me.

As for me, I will rely on you and on your timing. 

As for me, I trust in you (Psalm 55:23). 

She Walks in Beauty

Abba, Father, 
I don't have to tell you how blessed I am 
by the wife you've given to me, 
and the kind of mother she has been--
and is--
to our children. 

She walks in beauty, like the night 
of cloudless climes and starry skies 
(to quote Byron). 

She showers blessing, like August rain,  
on every dry and needy place. 

She denies herself, like the pelican of myth, 
feeding her loved ones with her own lifeblood. 

She fights with passion, like a badger, 
to defend and protect her home and family. 

What a gift she is to me and to this family. 
Lift her up in our love, 
encourage her with our gratitude, 
and let her feel your favor 
flowing through ours, 

in Jesus' name, amen. 

A Prayer to Begin the Workday

Summoned my labor to renew, 
And glad to act my part, 
Lord, in Thy name my work I do, 
And with a single heart. 

End of my every action Thou, 
In all things Thee I see; 
Accept my offered labor now. 
I do it unto Thee.

(from a hymn by Charles Wesley)

Nothing Else

O Jesus, Light of Eternal Glory, comfort my wandering soul....Please come to me and make this poor, humble soul glad. Please put out your hand and deliver me from every trap. Please come, for without you there is no joyful day or hour. You are my joy, and without you my heart is empty....

Let others seek pleasures instead of you, but for me nothing else pleases me except you. You are my God, my hope, and my eternal salvation. 

(excerpt from The Imitation of Christ: Classic Devotions in Today's Language, by Thomas à Kempis, compiled and edited by James N. Watkins; photo by Tama66 via

Best Above All Things

Grant me, most sweet and loving Jesus, to rest in you above every person, above all health and beauty, above all glory and honor, above all authority and dignity, above all knowledge and skillfulness, above all riches and arts, above all joy and exaltation, above all fame and praise, above all delights and comfort, above all hope and promise, above all merit and desire, above all gifts and rewards which you give and pour out, and above all joy and jubilation which my mind is able to receive and feel. You reign above angels and archangels, above the army of heaven, above all things visible and invisible, and above everything which you, O my God, are not. 

For you, O Lord, my God, are the best above all things; you alone are the most high; you alone are the Almighty and all-comforting; you alone are completely lovely and loving; you alone are the most exalted and most glorious above all things, in whom all things are and were and forever will be, altogether and all-perfect. Everything you give me falls short and is insufficient without you. Whatever you reveal or promise me that is not revealed yet or fully possessed, is not sufficient. Truly my heart cannot truly rest and be content unless it rests in you. You satisfy beyond all gifts and anything people can offer. 

(excerpt from The Imitation of Christ: Classic Devotions in Today's Language, by Thomas à Kempis, compiled and edited by James N. Watkins; photo by johnhain via

Desert Oak

Lord, for me and mine I fervently pray: Grant the strength and tenacity of a desert oak, that our roots may go down deep and spread wide in the soil of your gracious, life-giving love, in Jesus' name, amen.