Remember Me


By Paradox

Let me learn by paradox:
-that the way down is the way up
-that to be low is to be high
-that the broken heart is the healed heart
-that the contrite spirit is the rejoicing spirit
-that the repenting soul is the victorious soul
-that to have nothing is to possess all
-that to bear the cross is to wear the crown
-that to give is to receive
-that the valley is the place of vision.

(from The Valley of Vision, a collection of Puritan prayers, edited by Arthur Bennett)


Come, King of Grace, and fill me with your grace in this life, just as you will fill me in heaven with your eternal glory. Reign over me in the gracious kingdom of your Holy Spirit; yes, prepare your kingdom in me, which is justice, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Enlighten my heart, rule my life, and sanctify my thoughts so that they all may be reverent and pleasing to you. Surround me with your grace, that I may never be removed from it.

Come to me, Holy Trinity! Make me your dwelling and your temple. Spark in me the light of your knowledge, faith, hope, humility, patience, prayer, perseverance, and reverence. Amen.

(from Amish Prayers, compiled by Beverly Lewis)


O God the Holy Ghost
Who art light unto thine elect
Evermore enlighten us.
Thou who art fire of love
Evermore enkindle us.
Thou who art Lord and Giver of Life,
Evermore live in us.
Thou who bestowest sevenfold grace,
Evermore replenish us. 
As the wind is thy symbol, 
So forward our goings. 
As the dove, so launch us heavenwards. 
As water, so purify our spirits. 
As a cloud, so abate our temptations. 
As dew, so revive our languor. 
As fire, so purge our dross.

(a prayer of Christina Rossetti; photo by wolfgang_hasselmann via

No Fear


I Would Clasp Your Hand in Mine

Lord, I would clasp your hand in mine,
And never murmur or repine,
Content, whatever lot I see,
Since it is your hand leading me.

(from the hymn, He Leadeth Me,
by Joseph Henry Gilmore, slightly updated;
photo via

Your Kingdom Way

O God,
when I follow my own way,
I am attempting the impossible.
I am trying to live against the laws of my being.
How can I do that?
Help me follow Your kingdom ways.

(from the July 21 reading of E. Stanley Jones's The Way)

Be Unto Me

Be unto me, O Lord, 
always thy mighty hand for defence: 
thy mercy in Christ for salvation: 
thine all true word for instruction: 
the grace of thy life-bringing Spirit 
for comfort until the end and in the end. 

I commend unto Thee, 
O Lord, 
my soul and my body,
my mind and my thoughts,
my words and my deeds,
my hands, feet and eyes,
my life and my death.

O Gladsome Light of the holy glory of the immortal Father, heavenly holy, blest, O Jesus Christ, being come to the going down of the sun, seeing the evening light, we hymn the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit of God. Worthy art Thou at all times to be hymned with holy voices, Son of God, which givest life: therefore the world doth glorify Thee.

(a prayer of Lancelot Andrewes; photo by Paul_Henri via

For Robin on Her Birthday

Abba, you have granted me the loveliest bride,
the perfect woman for me, and I am grateful.
Bless her abundantly, extravagantly, today, on her birthday.
As your beauty and grace lives in her and exudes from her,
let her feel your approval in every way
on this day and in all the days to come.
Smile on her. Rejoice over her. Thrill her and fill her
with the awareness of your pleasure
and the rich appreciation of her husband, family, and many friends, in Jesus' name, amen.

The Record of My Inmost Soul Today

When the angel gives the record 
Of my inmost soul today, 
I want my thoughts and actions 
With unbroken voice to say: 
"The love Thy servant bears Thee
Will endure the hardest test,
And only be happy
In giving the best."

(a prayer by Albert Orsborn; photo by Alexander Mils via

The Readiness is All

Someday, Lord,
I know I will go the way of all flesh.
I will leave this life, this earth.

When that day comes,
oh, let me be ready.
Let me greet with joy
and anticipation
the day that will fulfill all my soul's longings.

Let my loved ones be ready, too.
Let them be firm in their faith
and strong even while they grieve.
Let them be well provided for,
financially and relationally.
Let them be wise enough to ask, "What now?" rather than "Why?"

And then, as always,
keep them as the apple of your eye and hide them under the shadow of your wing, in Jesus' name, amen.

So Much Thanks

Thank you for your great love. 
Thank you for the richness of your mercy. 
Thank you for making me alive with Christ even when I was dead in transgressions. 
Thank you that I am saved by grace. 
Thank you that you raised me up with Christ and seated me with him in the heavenly realms.
Thank you for your plans in the coming ages to show the incomparable riches of your grace, 
expressed in your kindness to me in Christ Jesus. 
Thank you for the saving faith that comes not from myself but is the gift of God— not by works, so that I can never boast. 
Thank you that I am your handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which you prepared in advance for me to do.

(based on Ephesians 2:4-10, NIV; photo illustration by Ankhesenamun via

To Proceed in the Right Course

Grant, Almighty God, that since you see us to be so prone to all the allurements of Satan and the world, and at the same time so devoid of judgment and carried away by mere levity, O, grant that by your Spirit leading us, we may proceed in the right course--on which we have already entered under your guidance and directing hand, so that we may never go astray from your Word, nor by any means turn aside from pursuing toward the mark which you have set before us; and though Satan may attempt to draw us aside, may we yet continue steadfast in your service, and thus proceed, until we arrive at that blessed rest which, after the warfare of the present life, you have promised to us in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen. 

(a prayer of John Calvin, in his Commentary on Hosea, updated by me into modern English; photo illustration by Arek Adeoye (areksan) via

A Prayer on Independence Day

Lord my God,
I worship you today,
on this 247th birthday of this nation,
these wonderful United States of America
in which I live.

I thank you for the freedom
to worship you publicly...
even as I ask you to show kindness and mercy
to those who lack that freedom
because they live elsewhere.

Thank you for all those
who have sacrificed for my freedom,
for those who risked
(and many who gave) their lives
to make this a free and independent nation,
for those in my nation's armed services, past and present,
and for all who have served the cause of liberty in other ways...
even as I pray for those who even now
are in harm's way,
far from home,
in this nation's service.
Please meet their needs,
watch over them and their loved ones,
and grant them your favor in every way.

And, Father, on this Independence Day 2023,
I pray for the people in this land
and every land
who have not yet discovered the freedom
that is offered to them in your Son, Jesus Christ.
Draw them to you,
set them free
from sin and sadness and strife,
and grant them the eternal freedom
that is found only in trusting you,
in Jesus' name, amen.

To Live Lives of Love

My prayer today for my kids and my grandkids, from the "31 Ways to Pray for Your Kids" app for iPhone and iPad.

I Have No Claim on Grace

I have no claim on grace; 
I have no right to plead;
I stand before my Maker's face 
Condemned in thought and deed.
But since there died a Lamb 
Who, guiltless, my guilt bore, 
I lay fast hold on Jesus' name, 
And sin is mine no more. 

From whence my soul's distress 
But from the hold of sin? 
And whence my hope of righteousness 
But from Thy grace within? 
I speak to Thee my need 
And tell my true complaint; 
Thou only canst convert indeed 
A sinner to a saint. 

O pardon-speaking Blood!
O soul-renewing grace! 
Through Christ I know the love of God 
And see the Father's face. 
I now set forth Thy praise, 
Thy loyal servant I, 
And gladly dedicate my days 
My God to glorify. 

(a hymn by Albert Orsborn, photo by erondu via