I Have No Claim on Grace

I have no claim on grace; 
I have no right to plead;
I stand before my Maker's face 
Condemned in thought and deed.
But since there died a Lamb 
Who, guiltless, my guilt bore, 
I lay fast hold on Jesus' name, 
And sin is mine no more. 

From whence my soul's distress 
But from the hold of sin? 
And whence my hope of righteousness 
But from Thy grace within? 
I speak to Thee my need 
And tell my true complaint; 
Thou only canst convert indeed 
A sinner to a saint. 

O pardon-speaking Blood!
O soul-renewing grace! 
Through Christ I know the love of God 
And see the Father's face. 
I now set forth Thy praise, 
Thy loyal servant I, 
And gladly dedicate my days 
My God to glorify. 

(a hymn by Albert Orsborn, photo by erondu via unsplash.com)

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